Course Title: Costing and Pricing Your Fashion Products to Make Profit

Course Description

Are you having issues With costing and pricing your products? Do you know the items to be considered when calculating your cost? Are you having challenges in determining how much to charge for a particular design? Are you tired of running at a loss just because you are unsure of the best price to sell your products? Do you give prices based on your conscience or what your competitors are charging? Do you feel like you are working and all your money is going to your staff and there’s nothing left for you and your business at the end of the month?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you should sign up for this course

Course Outline

1) Knowing what cash flow, selling price, and profit are and how it relates to your fashion business.
2) How to Determine your direct and indirect cost and its role in costing your fashion products
3) Steps by step guide on how to calculate and How to compute your direct and indirect costs.
4) Setting the right price for your fashion products and the pricing strategy that works
5) Ways to cut down cost to accommodate more profit for your business
6) How to determine a price point that will work for your business.
7) How to fix a selling price that will cover all your costs.
8) How to pay yourself a salary
9) A customized FASHION BUSINESS COSTING & PRICING MODEL…A detailed Template for determining the total cost to create a piece and also determine a selling price for the piece created. All mathematical equations have been pre-entered for you.
10) A secret approach that guarantees that your business makes a profit ALWAYS and all year round.
And much more…

Price: 5,000.00 Naira


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