Course Title: Building Structures in your Fashion Business

Course Description

Knowing how to sew alone does not guarantee you will run a sustainable and profitable fashion business. We all want to have Businesses that will run for many generations to come, to achieve this, you need to put in the required work. To grow a profitable and sustainable fashion business you need to put the structures and processes that will work for your business. If any of the below is your reality then this course is for you.

Can your business run without you? Do you pay yourself a salary? Do you pay your tax or do you even know the tax to pay? Do you find yourself in a situation where you always refund money back to your customers? Do you have a sales policy for your business? Do you have employment letters for your staff? When a tailor burns your clothes who pays for the damages? How do you deal with sudden staff exit?

Course Outline;

1) Business planning concept
2) Knowing the administrative and corporate structures you need in your business
3) How to create and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in your Business.
4) Operation documentation processes for fashion Business.
5) Customer management techniques that work.
6) Staff management techniques
7) Vendor management
8) Taxation
And much more

Price: 5,000.00 Naira


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