Course Title: How to leverage Data Analytics to Grow your Business

Course Description

If you have always struggled with having full visibility into your business expenses, income, profit, and generally what’s happening in your business, then this course is for you.
As a business owner, you must understand that the consumers need constantly evolves due to several reasons such as seasons, change in income level, family, age, location, trends, etc. and that is why you must constantly leverage data analytics to understand your customer’s needs at every point in time which helps you to be well prepared to always meet their needs and remain highly competitive within your industry by ensuring you keep your existing customers while also attracting new customers.
This course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for EVERY BUSINESS OWNER e.g. Bakers, Food Businesses, Fashion Businesses, Drink Businesses, Hair Businesses, makeup artist etc.

You will learn:

1) The importance of Data Analytics and why every business owner must leverage Data Analytics to stay relevant in their industry.
2) The different data you need to keep in your business and the role Data Analytics plays in growing your business.
3) How to prepare your business data for visualization.
4) How to build interactive reports on Microsoft Excel for your business which allows you to easily identify trends/patterns and insights from your data to make informed business decisions
5) How to track your Returns on Investment on your marketing expenses
6) How to track the conversion rate of your products online to ensure you are driving traffic to the right products
7) How to set achievable sales targets for your business using Data Analytics.

Price: 5,000.00 Naira


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